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Welcome to my “About” page. The single most frustrating page an individual will ever need to compose. I mean really. How can I condense five decades (wow I’m old) of life’s experience into a single web page??

Buckle up kids…here we go!

I was born. Nothing too exciting there. Grew up in Iowa (no, not the potato state) and had, what I would consider, a normal, middle class upbringing.

Mom was a stay at home commander in chief, making sure us kids didn’t kill one another. Dad was a self-employed carpenter. He worked a lot, but managed to attend most of our school and sporting events. And I guess that’s where part of my entrepreneurial vision came from.

While growing up, my mother always preached to us kids to get good grades, go to college and get a good job. Then you will be able to retire with a pension and a nice watch, just like your like grandpa did. I heard what she said, but for me, it never sunk in. Plus, I hated watches.

My first taste of entrepreneurship came in the 4th grade when I took (snuck) a pack of gum to school. Knowing how my teacher frowned on chewing gum in class, I never took a piece for my own self enjoyment. Instead, some friends offered to buy one stick of gum for a dime. See, I paid twenty five cents for the pack and sold all the sticks within five minutes for double what I paid. Light bulb! I knew I was on to something.

Fast forward to high school. I changed what I wanted to do for a living from artist, to architect to finally landing on auto mechanics! And why not?? All my friends were there and hey, girls love a guy with a hot car right? (Ya, didn’t really work out that way).

However, my career path was a bit, let’s say, disheartening for my mom. While my siblings were prepping to go to state universities as a nurse and pharmacist, I was applying at the local community college to become Rick The Ace Auto Mechanic.

But this choice, however ill advised by everyone in my family was to be, was the best choice I had ever made. It placed me in an environment that taught me a ton about life. I learned that when working for someone else my time wasn’t mine. That vacations and time off were up to the people who ran the company. I learned that no matter how hard I worked, I was only allowed to make so much per week. This never settled well with me at all.

Then, one late weekday night, it hit me. Well actually, a TV infomercial hit me.

My childhood sport hero, Fran Tarkington was selling a new information product called “Be Your Own Boss” and his co-host was none other than Tony Robbins! I watched in amazement how they talked about taking control of your life and doing things on your own terms by being your own boss.

I was hooked! Out came my credit card. I was so nervous to call I had to hang up and redial dial four times! You know how hard it was to dial an 800 number on a rotary telephone???

One week and $300 later I had the information product that changed my life forever. And I haven’t looked back since.

From my earlier days of creating a financial service business with more than 300 reps and 5 offices to building my current Internet business, I had to learn everything through rigid, brute force study and research. And this was before information was as easy as a click of the mouse.

Now, with tens of thousands of Internet hours logged, hundreds of clients and millions in revenue later, I now spend my time coaching people on how to create online business that can work for them, not the other way around.

I have also learned that life is more than the number of endless hours you invest in building your business, or someone else’s for that matter. To then wake up one morning wondering where all the time has gone, with very little to show for it.

If you have ever uttered the phrase, “There has got to be a better way”, then you might possibly be at the right place. There IS a better way to create a business that can pay you while you’re not working it. There are ways to create wealth without having to produce every day.

Remember, you can’t DO what is possible until you know WHAT is possible. My two decades of online experience have taught me the ins and outs of what is truly possible.

And now, I’m passing those possibilities to those who dare to be different. Those who are tired of trading dollars for hours. Those who are tired of trading dollars for projects.

If this sounds like you, then let’s find out together. Call me, email me, sign up for my one of my coaching programs, fill out a form, whatever. It doesn’t really matter to me. The first step in the journey to a new lifestyle is taking action.

My door is always open.

There, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

See you on a sunny beach soon.


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