You never know when an inspiration can come to you.

Recently, I was hanging out in lovely San Francisco. Although the room was quite nice, the view was, well, less than desirable. None the less, I flung open the curtain on the fifth floor room to greet the day and made a very interesting observation. Below was a small, but tightly packed city parking lot. As I took notice of this two things immediately entered my mind. First, I bet those cars get a ton of door dings! And second, but most interesting, I thought, “Jeez, someone buy a frikin red car already!”

That got me thinking. This parking lot resembles many business I see today. All blending together. No originality. No personality. Nothing makes them stand out.
Imagine if there had been a red, yellow, orange car in that lot? What would your eyes automatically be drawn too?

Even my kids understand this. Let me explain. When my seven year old son and five year old daughter are with me cruising in my truck, we play a game called “Bingo”. Simple game really. Every time you see a yellow car driving down the road or parked in a lot, you yell “Bingo”! The person with the most Bingo’s on our journey claims victory. Why yellow you ask? Well, because, according to my kids, “because yellow stands out”. I once asked my son “why don’t we play bingo when we see a white or gray car?’ His response, in the most well duh attitude was: “Dad, we would be saying bingo like, all day”!

So the question then becomes: Could people yell “Bingo” about your business? About you? What are you doing to set yourself apart from the crowd and not getting drowned out in a sea of neutral colored businesses?

I see more and more businesses try to follow others within their field and, what seems, almost go out of their way to not be to out there, to be different, not causing waves. Blending.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I think I have a pretty good idea. From what I have overheard in coffee shops, network meetings, read in social media and learned from clients themselves, I’ve boiled it down to three things. The fear of not being liked, the fear of people not taking you seriously and being ridiculed on social media.

I know some soloprenurs who have let a negative comment from a potential client or a negative social media post bother them for weeks! NOT good.

Now I’m not suggesting that you do crazy, hurtful things to get you and your business noticed. Over the top, fake enthusiasm and stunts never last long in business. We’ve all seen examples of that before. But there is nothing wrong with being open to say what you think. Not everyone will like it. Not everyone will agree with it. And that’s great!! Not everyone will! So don’t fear being who you are! Show your true colors!!

One thing I do know for sure. The best customers for you and your business are the ones who like and respect you for who you really are, not who others expect you to be. Now go by a damn red car!!!